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At the moment the book is available in German only

Ulrich Arndt
Schätze der Alchemie

with informations on Aurum Potabile
168 Pages, many illustrations
€ (D) 15,90
ISBN 3-934647-41-3

Alchemistic essences of gems and metals
according to the teachings of Alchemy and Ayurveda

Alchemy, the western root of modern science, and Ayurveda, the eastern teaching for perfect health, share one common secret: The hidden knowledge about the deeper source of true health and spiritual development. It is the knowledge about the power of planets and gems and metals and their deep effect on the human system and the chakras, the main energy centres and regulation system of the body. According to the ancient wisdom of both Alchemy and Ayurveda, some selected gems and metals most effectively convey the power of the planets. For many centuries these crystals and metals have been considered the most valuable substances for healing purposes..

Alchemy knows an elaborate and secret method to produce exceptional essences: over a period of several months, while paying attention to certain planetary constellations, the gems and metals are being fully dissolved. Through this process, the inherent planetary powers are concentrated and intensified:

  • "The medicine of the Maharajas" - this is how the alchemistical essences were called in former times in India.

  •  "The light of the planets" - is what the essences represented to the alchemists.

For the first time it has now been possible to decode the old alchemistic scriptures on the effect of planetary powers upon the chakras (the alchemists call the chakras the "seals of the planets"). The alchemists were able to make use of the planetary influences by applying the appropriate essences of gems and metals to:

  • activate the chakras and the corresponding glands, nerve plexuses, organs and physical functions;

  • eliminate energy blockages;

  • harmonize on an emotional and mental level;

  • support personal growth and transformation.

According to the view and experience of the alchemists, the regular use of Gem- and Metal Essences - for instance in the form of the "Weekly treatment with the power of the planets" helps to activate the human energy system. The famous German alchemist of the 20th century, Albert Richard Riedel (1911 - 1984), known as "Frater Albertus", said that "Alchemy raises the vibrational state step by step". Gem and Metal Essences essentially help to clear up energy blockages which may result from or lead to physical ailments.


During the alchemistic processes, there is the occurrence of light phenomena which cannot be explained by physics. The blue light indicates a charge of life supporting energy.


This photo shows the energetic structure of the pearl. It was taken during the process of crystallization while producing the essence.