Aurum Potabile
The " Drinking Gold" of the Alchemists




For the first time in many centuries it has now again been possible, to produce this treasure of alchemy, the famous "Drinking Gold" of the alchemists. The "Aurum Potabile" has already been praised by Paracelsus, the famous physician and philosopher of the 16th century, as "life-elixir". With the use of a solving agent called "philosophical mercury" unknown to common chemistry, the gold metal gets fully dissolved. Within several weeks time a highly complicated process is taking place: The solution gets distilled several times and cycled during specific planetary constellations, thus getting charged and energized. The "Drinking Gold" obtained in this way is regarded to be the highest alchemistic essence. It not only contains spiritual information, but also includes "soul" and "purified material body" of the gold metal.

Very briefly: It contains its whole genuine essence.
The Gold Essence is energetically assigned to the sun and the three most important chakras: the crown, heart and root chakra. Gold Essence supports the production and magnetic storage of life-energy. Due to harmonizing and activating of the chakras mentioned above, it has a sustaining harmonizing effect on energetic and emotional imbalance as well as supporting personal growth and transformation. 
Apply 3-4 drops daily in the areas of crown, heart and root chakra.